The mixing unit is split into four separate manufacturing areas: Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes and technical products. The pharmaceutical/cosmetics area was a totally new construction which was first put into operation at the beginning of 2005.

The area is used for the bulk manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under controlled class D clean room conditions (ISO 14644 – class 8, US Federal Standard. 209 M6.5 and VDI 2083 class 6) and explosion protection: Atex II.

  • Constructed according to pharmaceutical specifications
  • The temperature and humidity of the rooms is controlled
  • Purified water is produced in the water purification facility and can be directly supplied to the ring main

The pharmaceutical mixing vessels can handle batch sizes of maximum 4’000 l.

Batch sizes of 1 l until 500 l are possible in the integrated pilot area.

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Filling facilities

Our spaciously designed filling facilities comply with international GMP regulations. The outstanding efficiency of these facilities together with a wide range of possible uses allows us to operate with a high degree of flexibility:

  • Clean room conditions until class C / ISO 7
  • Explosion protection

Filling of aerosol systems

We are in a position to process all systems, carry out all types of filling, using all kinds of containers with both combustible and non-combustible propellants and raw materials:

  • Valves with or without dip tubes, screw caps, BOVs, screw caps
  • Direct filling, valve filling, under cap filling
  • Aluminium and tin containers

Additional filling possibilites

  • Sticks
  • Tubes
  • Glass and plastic containers of all sizes with different caps

Pilot production under GMP conditions

  • Small batch size production with original equipment
  • Clinical trial samples

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  • Packaging in export cartons (with or without internal partitions)
  • Packaging in individual cardboard boxes
  • Wrapping in cellophane
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Blister packaging
  • Packaging in displays
  • Assorted packaging
  • etc.


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