ASM provides a complete service beginning with the development of customised products for our clients and including the optimisation of existing products, manufacturing the formulation, the filling, the packaging and the logistics involved with your products. You can of course access just part of the wide range of services which we offer. We are here to provide services that are tailored to your needs.


  1. Development of ideas by the customer or by ASM
  2. Development of a product or the manufacturing process

Supply management

  1. Purchase of all materials under favourable terms


  1. Manufacture of formulations (mixing)
  2. Filling and packaging


  1. Release of products
  2. Compiling all the necessary documents


  1. Organisation of worldwide distribution

On request ASM will undertake additional services such as

  • providing support with the registration of formulations
  • export services
  • organising safety information sheets
  • compiling EU dossiers
  • etc.