Vision and mission


Through leading technology, high innovative competence in production, convincing service and the highest quality, we want to guide our customers to success in their market.

  • We solve even the most difficult problems for the development, production and filling of sophisticated products.
  • We do not want to only handle orders, but also support our customers through superior service.
  • We develop our expertise and know-how systematically so that we can always provide innovative solutions.



We are proactive in all areas and are continually developing ourselves further.



  • We work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners and through this we achieve the maximum benefit at all times.
  • We are constant and persistent in our quest to be better.
  • We are flexible and able to adapt to changing conditions.
  • We particularly want to be more efficient without losing sight of the quality of all our activities.
  • We want our customers to know well, in order to offer more extensive and outstanding solutions.
  • We want to offer our employees a safe workplace, where they are motivated and able to carry out hteir duties under the best conditions.