Möhlin, March 2023

Information regarding ASM Aerosol-Service AG and impact of COVID-19 situation

The goal of ASM’s pandemic plan is still to reduce the risk of infection among employees and to maintain the operational activities in a normal manner in order to ensure the timely and qualitatively faultless execution of services for our customers.

ASM runs its business in Möhlin which belongs to the canton Aargau in Switzerland. In addition to the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the cantons as well as the government issue directives. We check these and implement them whenever possible uniformly. In addition to direct communication, we also communicate the current status via emails and bulletins. Deputy arrangements are in place for operations and for business critical decision making.

At the end of March 2022 the Swiss Federal Council lifted the last remaining measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and ended the special situation. However, the epidemiological situation remains uncertain. This means it will be necessary to maintain an elevated level of alertness and responsiveness until at least spring 2023.

The actual measurements are the following:

  • Personal hygiene procedures must be followed
  • Meetings are performed whenever possible through Teams
  • If meetings are in a closed room, we try to ensure the social distancing and air the rooms regularly
  • External visits are only performed if needed
  • Our canteen is reduced in numbers of same time users

At ASM we are following the respective COVID-19 guidelines of the Swiss FOPH and of the Government authorities. Should these affect our operations as we work today in a significant way, we will update you accordingly.

We thank you for the ongoing cooperation with ASM as a partner.