1953: Founding of Aerosol-Service AG in Riehen in Switzerland: the first Swiss company that can manufacture aerosols as a contract manufacturer.
1964: Start of production at a branch in Möhlin in Switzerland.
1966: Construction of the first filling line for pharmaceutical products. The first licence for manufacturing medicinal products is obtained from the relevant regional department.
1975: Swissmedic grants the first licence for the manufacture of medicinal products.
1980: After continual expansion the relocation of the entire operation from Riehen to Möhlin is completed.
1982: ASM develops the bag-on-valve system (BOV) and has this patented.
1995: ASM is acquired by private shareholders. In the same year the firm becomes ISO 9001 certified.
2001: Construction of a pharmaceuticals room for filling in accordance with GMP and ISO 9001 : 2000: clean room class D.
2003: ASM becomes GMP certified by Swissmedic.
2005: Construction of a mixing unit in accordance with GMP and ISO 13485: 2003 for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under controlled clean room conditions: clean room class D.
2008: Construction of a unique multipurpose filling line for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under controlled clean room conditions: clean room class C. In the same year ASM becomes ISO 13485 certified.
2009: Refurbishment of the temperature controlled storage area
2012: ASM becomes ISO 22716 : 2007 certified. In the same year realisation of successful audit by Gulf Cooperation council
2013: Realisation of successful audit by Turkish Authorities
2014: Introduction of a new automatic packaging line according to pharmaceutical standard with high versatility as well as start of construction of a new warehouse with 3’200 storage places being GMP compliant by virtue of its controlled temperature and meeting all EXII explosion protection standards. In the same year the ASM quality system achieves the FDA requirements.
2015: Development of a new innovative propellant PECO. Introduction of a packaging line for cosmetic products including serialisation. FDA audit in May 2015, approval received, FDA Registration FEI-No. 3005439256. New hazardous goods warehouse put into operation, temperature controlled (according to pharmaceutical standard) with over 3’000 storage places.
2016: Pre-Approval-Inspection through Korean Authorities “Ministry of Food and Drug Safety” (MFDS)

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