ASM Aerosol-Service AG is founded in Riehen. It is the first Swiss company to produce aerosols as a contract manufacturer


Start of production at the Möhlin site


  • Construction of the first filling line for pharmaceutical products
  • The manufacturing license to produce medicinal products is issued to ASM for the first time


Swissmedic grants manufacturing authorization for medicinal products for the first time


After a period of continuous expansion, the relocation from Riehen to Möhlin is completed


ASM develops and patents the Bag-on-Valve system (BOV)


A new high-bay warehouse for 4,200 pallets is put into operation


  • After a management buyout, ASM is privately owned
  • In the same year ASM is ISO 9001 certified


Construction of a pharmaceutical filling area GMP and ISO 9001 compliant (cleanroom class D)


ASM is GMP certified by Swissmedic


A new pharmaceutical mixing area GMP and ISO 13485 compliant is put into operation (cleanroom class D)


  • Construction of a unique multipurpose filling line (aerosol/liquid) to produce pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under GMP and cleanroom conditions (cleanroom class C)
  • ASM is ISO 13485 certified


Construction of a temperature-controlled warehouse for raw materials and finished products


  • ASM is ISO 22716 certified
  • Successful audit for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)


Successful audit of the Turkish authorities Ministry of Health Turkey (MoH TR)


  • A new highly flexible packaging line according to pharmaceutical standards is put into operation
  • Start with the construction of a high-bay warehouse with 3,200 storage locations according to pharmaceutical standard (explosion protection EXII and temperature controlled)
  • Participation in the energy saving program: ASM commits to reduce the legally defined energy and CO2 emissions until 2024


  • An additional packaging line incl. serialization is put into operation
  • Successfully audited by FDA registration FEI-No. 3005439256
  • Finalization of the new pharmaceutical high-bay warehouse (3,200 pallet spaces)
  • Roof refurbishment of the existing chemical and finished product warehouses with the aim of further increasing energy efficiency


  • Successful Pre-approval inspection by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS)
  • Expansion of the pharmaceutical filling line with a leak detector P4
  • Implementation of a cold chain for raw materials and finished goods in the range of 2-8°


  • Successful registration at the Japanese Authorities (PMDA)
  • Successfully audited by the FDA for the second time
  • Expansion of blending capacities with a development vessel 3 – 12 L, a 200 L pilot plant and a new 1800L plant, all from the same manufacturer
  • Acquisition and qualification of an additional serialization line
  • Installation of an additional Leak Detector in P3


  • Decision of the Board of Directors for the long-term expansion of the site in the pharmaceutical -filling, packaging and laboratories
  • Expansion of the organization through an additional management level
  • Additional investments in new energy efficiency measures to further reduce CO2 emissions
  • Mid-year start with the introduction of a new ERP system


  • Equipping all pharmaceutical packaging lines with serialization systems
  • Successful implementation of a validated ERP system
  • The 1800L mixing plant is put into operation
  • Construction of a new pharmaceutical cold store (2-8°) for approx. 100 pallets
  • Introduction of scanner systems in the warehouse
  • Successful auditing by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation (MITRF)


  • Start of the expansion of the site by a new floor with approx. 1400 sqm of laboratory and office space
  • Another multi-purpose filling line and an additional packaging line to produce pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under GMP and clean room conditions is ordered
  • The new ex-pharmaceutical cold storage facility is put into operation
  • Introduction of a new LIMS system in the QC department
  • Russian authorities successful audit for the manufacture of additional products at ASM
  • Start the refurbishment of existing premises in P2
  • Construction of new P5 packaging and filling rooms according to pharmaceutical standards in cleanroom class C/D/E and F


  • The new pharmaceutical room and the new pharmaceutical packaging plant is put into operation
  • Start of construction work for the new pharmaceutical multi-purpose filling plant (aerosol/liquid)
  • Start of construction of new ventilation and laboratory facilities
  • Modernization of the IT networks to the latest state of the art


  • Finalization of the new, state-of-the-art QC and R&D laboratories, including a dedicated HIPO laboratory with separate personnel and material locks class H14
  • Move into the new office premises
  • Expansion of the parking lots and the surrounding area
  • Commissioning of an additional transformer station
  • The new pharmaceutical multi-purpose filling line P5 is put into operation
  • Implementation of the first PV systems to generate electricity for own use
  • Various digitalization projects launched and implemented (HR, QA, QC)
  • Defined reduction of energy and CO2 emissions target already achieved or exceeded


  • Installation of another PV system
  • Start renovation of the last production premises


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